Monday, April 20, 2009

4/20 photos

The 4/20 project (one photo per hour for 12 hours on April 20) developed from the TMO/Wild Vanilla forum - a forum for the fans and afficiandos of Kristin Hersh / Throwing Muses / FiftyFootWave - for reference and interest:

The following 12 photos took place on Monday 20 April, in and around our house in Springwood (Blue Mountains) and Penrith.

1. bleak morning outlook

2. last one at breakfast

3. getting ready for daycare

4. art in a box

5. Saffiya's pony tail collection

6. shopping centre carpark

7. fridge revolutionaries

8. tribal art

9. bottlebrush

10. rice and vegies for dinner

11. tribe's bedtime milk

12. relaxing coffee - tribe in bed

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Scott said...

Fun set, Tim. Thanks for sharing them!