Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements in Talbingo

Our holiday cottage in Talbingo has two bedrooms, the main with a queen-size bed and the larger second bedroom with a pair of triple bunks – a double below the single above.

The tribe are raptured with the sleeping arrangement on offer for the week. They climb about the bunks trying out each one – having some initial challenges with the ladder to the top bunk, slipping in their socks . . . ouch!

What is agreed is that each can have his/her own bed but the real question is who will sleep where and will everyone agree? Well it’s not that simple. Of course, three of the tribe would like to sleep in the top bunk but with only two top bunks, this means one has to rescind to accept a lower bunk or a couple will have to double up.

So, the first night solution is Saffiya and Soraya share one of the top bunks with the boys in their own double sized lower bunks. Hmmm, this lasted a little while with a restless Soraya climbing out of her bed a few times before finally settling down.

Over the course of the week, the only constant was Kaydin choosing to stay in his bed while the remaining three swapped places every night, so that Zak, Saffiya and Soraya all slept in the top and lower bunks, and had fun doing so too!

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