Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moving on: from prams to bikes

We sold our triple pram this weekend - it was the Mountain Buggy 'Terrain' which sat the trio side-by-side, so it was wide as a truck!

It was used mainly for walks around the neighbourhood and down the bush track to Martins Lookout.

Occasionally, we would take it to a park but it would never be used for a shopping trip, simply because of its size which would work like an alarm that shouted to one and all that the triplets were here!

However, it had faithfully served its purpose without any problems and now having sold it, it feels like we are moving into a new phase of our life.

And it is true - we are moving on - as we recently bought some bicycles, the tribe are growing up quickly as they negotiate climbing onto the bike and career around the verandah, it won't be long before the stabiliser wheels need to be removed.

In fact, last week, we took the tribe to the Sydney International Regatta Centre at Penrith Lakes (the site for the Sydney Olympic rowing and whitewater competitions), which has a 5km cycle track circumnavigating the competition lake.

The tribe, namely Saffiya, Zak and Kaydin pumped their little legs as they rode around on their little 40cm (16") and 30cm (12") bikes, while Soraya enjoyed the view from her seat astride upon M's bike. In fact they all enjoyed the outing and were looking forward to doing it again.

PS - we do still have a couple of prams for sale.

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