Monday, June 21, 2010

A spate of tartan and kangaroos for breakfast

(8-10 June 2010)

Driving into Maclean around noon on Tuesday, we refuel and finally reach Yuraygir NP (near Brooms Head), finding ourselves a nice campsite. Here we stay for three nights, with the beach behind us and grasslands and Lake Arragan before us. After lunch, I take the tribe for a walk on the beach where they spend time drawing pictures in the sand and playing ‘chicken’ with the waves.

The tribe is fascinated by the night sky filled with what seems to be more stars than we usually see from Springwood. The boys even have camping chairs depicting the constellations which M and I attempt rather poorly in identifying their equivalent in the sky – however we will have time to improve on our knowledge.

Each day, we are joined by kangaroos breakfasting and dining around our campsite – there’s a great big male with some females and juniors, plus at least one joey in a pouch. Also, there is the lively birdlife – such is the cacophony each morning – those we managed to identify include: superb blue wren, grey butcherbird, wattle bird, plover, willie wagtail, king parrot, plus of course the sea gulls on the beach. I even spotted a Brahmin Kite with a freshly caught fish in its talons.

On Thursday, we venture into Maclean for a seafood lunch and some provisions. Maclean wears its Scottish heritage proudly on its telegraph poles a many are adorned with various family tartans making for a colourful streetscape through town. Also, we buy some mince (for spaghetti) from an old school butcher – a sparse display of just the basic cuts and a large electric bone saw taking pride of place behind the counter.

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