Monday, June 21, 2010

Time for thermals, beanies and jackets

(11-12 June 2010)

It was time to move on from Yuraygir NP, and based upon a recommendation from Bjorn and Katrine (a Danish couple nearing the end of their round Oz trip*), we head towards Mt Warning, deviating from the coast and away from the Pacific Hwy, into the mountains above the Tweed River.

Along the way, we lunch in Lismore and go for a walk – Zak is curious by the stairs leading to an ‘adult shop’ asking if we could go up the stairs. Coincidently, he was telling us about his dream earlier at breakfast (really a made-up story) about Lightning Macqueen and Chick Hicks being naked – we didn’t quite comprehend what cars were doing naked, yet he obsessed on nakedness as a key theme in his story.

We dart through Nimbin, where it seems there is a universal dress code of hippyness – strange, as I thought it was more about attitude . . . oh well.

Our first night at Mt Warning was freezing – maybe not down to zero, but damn cold just the same. We all wore thermals to bed and rugged up the best we could. A quick trip after sun down to the amenities meant donning beanies and jackets. This only makes us look forward to reaching the warmer climes asap. Also, we should just maybe avoid the mountains for now!

In the Wollumbin NP, we do the short Lyrebird track walk in the rainforest, located near the start of the track to the summit to Mt Warning – a more strenuous and longer trek for when the tribe are older perhaps. On our walk, we venture through towering trees and bangalows or piccabeens palms, with the hope of spotting either (or both) a lyrebird and a brush turkey. Although we luck out with the fauna in the rainforest, we actually have a brush turkey strut across our path on return to our campsite!


Michael said...

I'd save the southern part of your trip for later in the year - -3 in Benders last night... I can't find my goolies.

Tim_G said...

Hey Michael - thanks for the comment.

We're sticking with the warmer climes - it's been great enjoying al fresco dining each evening as we head closer to the tropics. Planning on seeing you towards the end of the year as we make our way back.