Sunday, August 1, 2010

We’re just opposite Hinchinbrook Island

(25-26 July 2010)

As we head down the Palmerston Highway from the Atherton Tablelands to rejoin the Bruce Highway near Innisfail, we are hit with thick mist and drizzle. This does not offer a good opportunity to stop at the rainforest canopy walkway at Mamu, so we continue onto Cardwell by the Sea.

Well, what can you say about Cardwell that hasn’t been said before? Well, you wouldn’t holiday here in the rain as there’s not much to do. You wouldn’t come here to swim as there’s crocodile warnings all along the beach. You could take the ferry to Hinchinbrook Island. You could fish from the jetty. You could buy some succulent fresh Barramundi steaks from the butcher (yes, butcher) and barbeque yourself a damn fine dinner.

Since the weather was lousy, I definitely recommend the latter – as it was damn fine (oh, I already said that didn’t I?)

As there’s not too much doing, we head south of town and visit Five Mile Creek which is the local swimming hole, with turtles, catfish, eels (and other fish) plus warnings for bullrouts (lethal fish, if you so happen to step on the spines of one – related to stonefish). And back in town, the interpretive display at the Rainforest and Marine Information Centre was a good distraction for Saffiya and Kaydin . . . for about 10 minutes.

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