Sunday, August 1, 2010

What’s another name for Townsville?

(27-28 July 2010)

After the rain we experienced in Cardwell, we were in need of drying out, so we hoped Townsville would be the solution. This was also to be a major refuelling stop – refuelling food stocks, getting the car serviced, and catching up with (Aunty) Kim and Josh.

However, initially, it seemed that Townsville was not going to be the place for us as most caravan parks were full or didn’t want kids (two van parks advertise they cater especially for the over 55s). Ultimately we find a place but for only two nights instead of the three we planned.

We catch up with Kim and Josh (and Kiki) on our first night – a very yummy spaghetti Bolognese – and get some tips on what to do in town.

And based upon Josh’s tips, we visit the Riverway for a picnic, play as well as feed the turtles, ducks and fish, before putting the car in for service. M takes the tribe to unfortunately, one of the smaller shopping centres, while I wander about town as the car gets seen to. Unfortunately, barring a fleeting visit to the Regional Art Gallery, I don’t see much of what Townsville centre has to offer due to the Flinders Street redevelopment, the place is suffering a soul famine.

We do however get friendly with a native as we packed up before heading out of Townsville – a white-lipped green tree frog made a temporary home in our caravan park electrical box.

The tooth fairy is beginning to work overtime in keeping up with Saffiya (and our travels) as she loses her second tooth in five days, making it now three in total!

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Cute frog!