Friday, July 16, 2010

A bit less rain in ‘rainbow’ please

(21-24 June 2010)

Rainbow Beach . . . the name conjures images of a beautiful beach, great surf, exotic palms, sunrises and sunsets to die for . . . if only! Isolated showers are the name of the game during our stay so on our first day, we take a walk about town with the tribe donning their raincoats and boots, attacking every puddle we walk past . . . oops, make that, walk through.

Carlo (the) Sand blow remained unvisited throughout our stay due to the weather and when it didn’t rain, we ventured to the beach so the tribe could get their fill of sand and water – building sandcastles, collecting shells and pebbles.

The water was a comfortable 18C despite the weather, and our girls enjoyed playing in the gentle surf. The boys kept to their cycle of building and destroying their sandcastles – discovering their latest joy of jumping on any sand creation.

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