Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting high

(14-16 July 2010)

Ingham . . . famous for the pub with no beer and its Italian Festival (in May), yet strangely, the tribe actually favour the large playground. Well, it’s the best playground since the huge climbing pyramid they played on in Yeppoon!

We stop here as Kate and Giles suggested we visit Wallaman Falls – only Australia’s highest at 268m. And they are impressive! Especially since the drive through the forests of Girringun NP offer us our first opportunity of spotting a cassowary or two. Initially, the tribe weren’t sold on seeing the falls, however, upon seeing the site, they all said one thing: ‘Wow!’. Returning to Ingham, we again keep a look out for the cassowary, yet all we see are the countless road signs warning us of the bird.

The Tyto Wetlands on the edge of the commercial district offer other twitching opportunities. The place is huge (120 hectares) and is home to countless local and migratory birds. We need to walk pass grass fields and shrubs before actually hitting the wetlands, passing hoards of agile wallabies dining on the abundant grass.

There is a family of crimson finch getting their evening feed as well as some other water bird, either an egret or heron. As we near the waters so that we can sit in a hide, there are signs warning that it is a crocodile area too – and the thickets of reeds that have been shaped by the resident fauna suggest that there could be a croc not far from where we trample – yikes!

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