Friday, July 16, 2010

Hanging out at Boutique Bush

(24-26 June 2010)

Princess Gen and Prince Ash offer a corner of their 5 acre block for us to set up camp – actually it’s a corner close to their home rather than far flung part of their nature haven – a forest of naturally regenerated melaleuca plus a large dam with lilies surrounded by reeds. It is a little peace of heaven away from the tourist town that is Hervey Bay.

We meet up with Gen walking Bella and Max on the beach near the Urangan Fisheries – a wonderful backdrop with the tide being out, Fraser Island in the background, a dark cloud looming towards us across the strait and a double rainbow.

The tribe quickly befriends Bella and Max – and conversely, Bella and Max quickly befriend the tribe. Cousins in the making!

By quirk of coincidence, another friend, Charley is visiting her parents in nearby Maryborough* as she takes a break between jobs in Singapore, so we have a BBQ dinner party to celebrate our reunion. Dare I say we had a damn great BBQ-ed snapper!

Earlier, we ventured down to The Pines overlooking Hervey Bay and picnic, followed by beachcombing for shells and tramping over the rockpools, until Soraya unfortunately cut her foot – so we make good use of our first aid kit. After a clean-up, antiseptic swab and bandage, Soraya is right as rain.

On Saturday, after a wander around the property, we head to the water park where the tribe has ridiculous fun in the plethora of fountains shooting jets of water every which way. It was better than the beach!

(* trivia for those not in the know – the originator of Mary Poppins comes from Maryborough and named Mary Poppins after the Mary River!)

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