Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Gin at Gin Gin

(27 June 2010)

We leave Hervey Bay with heavy hearts as we leave Gen, Ash, Max and Bella (plus the chooks) – the tribe enjoyed playing with Max and Bella, and feeding the chooks, as well as checking how many eggs were laid each day.

Zak had a perpetual smile fixed to his face the whole time – it was such a special time for him, being able to spend these days with Gen, his fairy godmother. This is not to say, the other tribal rugrats were ignored – they all enjoyed the attention from both Gen and Ash.

I believe Zak was on the verge of calling Boutique Bush ‘home’ he liked it so much. We will have to return.

Our aim for the drive today was to reach 1770, however due to our late start, and the need to stock up on provisions before leaving the Bay, we get as far as Gin Gin and spend the night at the Gin Gin rest area, joining countless other caravaners, motorhomers, backpackers and the like.

As we didn’t visit the local, we never did discover how good the Gin was – after all, if you use the NY/NY excuse, the locals must have liked the Gin so much they named it twice.


teadrinker said...

Lovely! Wish I could be there!

Sally said...

Awesome photo of Gen

Tim_G said...

Gen bought a couple of great matching t-shirts for herself and Zak.